Rockin’ H Farm Rabbitry consists of 13 Silver Fox rabbits, 7 does and 6 bucks.Rockin' H Farm RabbitryThe Silver Fox is a heritage breed rabbit and was the 3rd rabbit breed developed in the United States. It is a large breed with bucks weighing 10 pounds and does reaching 12 pounds at senior weight. The fur is super soft and will stand up when stroked from tail to head, staying this way until stroked the other direction again. This trait is found in no other breed and greatly resembles the pelt of the silver fox of the Artic from which the breed is named.

Rockin' H Farm Silver Fox Bebe

Silver Fox was the first large breed developed that dressed out at 65% of live weight. Does have large litters, are good milk producers, and are wonderful mothers. The breed is known for their docile and gentle nature, often being referred to as the Teddy Bear of rabbit breeds. The kits are born solid black or blue and begin to silver at about 4 weeks of age. The process of silvering takes up to 4 months to complete. The fur is one of the most attractive and intriguing features of the breed. It is especially dense and 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length.