Rockin’ H Dairy Goats currently consists of about 15 does and several 2017 kids.

We have a starter herd for sale! 5 doelings and 1 bred 3.5 yo doe. Go HERE fore more info about our available ladies! 

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The Lamancha is the only breed of goat developed in America. Thought to be descendants of a Spanish breed, the Lamanchas are a medium-sized, hardy breed whose most distinctive characteristic are their very small “gopher” or “elf” ears. They are also know for sweet, curious personalities, high milk production, and the nice butterfat content of their milk of approximately 3.9% that makes their milk perfect for cheeses, ice cream, and soap.

Our Lamancha ladies enjoy grazing and sunning in our 5 acre front pasture with the donkeys, an alpaca, and a few of our Pyrenees.