August 4th and August 11th Weeks in review!

The past two weeks have been very busy and stressful! Not so much on the farm but with our off farm jobs. Mrs. Farmer’s job was busy with month’s end the week of August 4th and then her boss was gone the week of August 11th so we have been doing good to post something on Facebook every few days!

Here is what we missed… and don’t forget to check in for free and cheap books posts. Enjoy!


We had a beautiful end to a great, productive weekend after getting our fence up! Love sunsets on the farm. Always breathtaking. “They who dwell in the ends of the earth stand in awe of Your signs; You make the dawn and the sunset shout for joy.”

ICK! An egg exploded in the incubator last night. When we candle, Mrs. Farmer likes to give every egg that looks like it tried a chance. Which isn’t normally a bad thing because some are just a little later to develop, but this time it lead to a stinky situation. Luckily it didn’t disturb any of it’s neighbors and it didn’t make much of a mess, but it’s safe to say that we will be doing some extra candlings and throwing out a few more than normal to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Gross.



Beautiful sunrise over the new pasture with all of the chickens and ducks happily grazing. They were moved early that morning to allow Mr. Farmer to keep an eye on them all day to make sure there is no escaping. Only stew roosters and duck grow outs are left in tractors. This view helps make our farm hearts whole!



The Farmers were out ’til 10pm on a Tuesday building this coop for the new pasture. It’s huge! Completely filled Mr. Farmer’s 9′ flatbed. The chickens seem to like it. Just needs some paint and to finish nest boxes. Hoping the ducks will learn to use it too so we don’t have a big Easter egg hunt every morning!




Our sweet Pyrenees, Kyia, lazily watching over her new flock as the world wakes up. She has done great with the chickens and ducks! She does eat our stray eggs, but hopefully everyone will start laying in the coop soon. Everyone except the ducks seem to be doing well with it. This is such a beautiful and surreal sight for The Farmers. We’ve worked so hard for quite some time to get here. It makes it all worth it when we finally reach that new, higher rung on the ladder each time, and this it is right now. So excited for the next steps over the months to come, but enjoying this lovely new sight we have gained.



We got some much needed rain! We never enjoy the humidity that accompanies it, but what the rain does for us is definitely worth it.

Rockin H Farm Rain

Finished the inside of the coop on a beautiful Sunday with nest boxes and perches and a tin roof. Everyone but the ducks have decided it is a nice cozy laying spot.

Rockin H Farm Inside Coop


Pretty writing spider friend on the farm. She found herself a good place out of the way and has been eating bugs for us and growing and writing for the last month or two. Only kind of spider we come close to enjoying. Being on a farm there are several of creepy crawly encounters daily, though we don’t kill anything unless it attacks first, we much prefer these that stay out of the way and help out with the bugs and look pretty.

Rockin H Farm Writing Banana Spider



How do we know Kyia is pregnant? Aside from the puppy bump that is starting to show, she gets very lovey-dovey especially with Mr. Farmer! She follows him around and lays down and shows her belly until he gets down and gives her a rub. She’s such a good sweet mama. We are excited for her pups to come mid-September!

Rockin H Farm Pregnant Kyia


We reached 1000 Likes! Thank you so much to all of our wonderful supporters. Just a few more to go and we will have some great giveaways! When we reach 1100 we will announce the prizes and then we will select winners when we hit 1200! Keep sharing and reviewing us. The giveaways will definitely worth a couple minutes of your time to share our page, we promise! Please help us #RepTheFarm! A little extra hint… there will be several prizes and including free things as well as discounts and will include everyone who has liked the page, not just new likers like last time.

Rockin H Farm 1000 Like Milestone

The chickens like the fact that it started raining on Mr. Farmer when he was reseeding the pasture and he left the tractor in the pasture last week. Luckily he was out of seed anyway. We have found several eggs in the bottom of the spreader. They won’t be very happy with us when we remove it.

Rockin H Farm Chickens and Tractor


Crazy looking bug we found on our porch last week. Look at those pinchers! It’s about 2 1/2″ long and has two sets of wings. Looked like it was trying to fly but couldn’t get the hang of it. 3 pairs of legs and large eyes. Very odd looking. Our entomologist friend says he is a #DobsonFly (she also corrected me and said huge “mouthparts” ). Never seen one before but they are apparently common around water and we do have a small creek running the back of our property. Always something new to learn!

Rockin H Farm Dobson Fly


Mrs. Farmer’s favorite Ancona duckling right now. Our first lilac! Beautiful coloring and pattern. Interested to see how it’s body type turns out. And we are pretty are sure it is a Quacker! (female)

Rockin H Farm Lilac Ancona Duck


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